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Relaxing Manual Full Body Massage

A treatment which includes, body, face and head to achieve that balance of well-being. A blend of 100% plant extract essential oils are used to benefit your well-being and nourish your skin.

Back and Neck Massage

A lovely treatment to help unwind and ease that tension in your neck and shoulders.

Stress Relief

Relaxing Scalp, Shoulder and Arms Massage

A short but effective massage to the scalp, shoulders and arms. Devised to give beneficial results within a set time limit resulting in immediate relief to help you with the stresses of the day.

Base Oil Massage

Relaxing Manual Full Body Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage to help you unwind, improving muscel tone and circulation with a base oil helping to feed the skin.

Back and Neck Massage

To help alleviate muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

Back and Leg Massage

A relaxing treatment to ease tension in your back and take the weight from your legs.

If you have any further questions about this treatment, please do not hesistate to contact us.

Area TimePer Session
Aromatherapy Massage  
Relaxing Full Body Massage 1hr 15mins £49.00
Back and Neck Massage 30mins £30.00
Stress Relief Massage  
Relaxing Scalp, Shoulders & Arms Massage 15mins £19.00
Base Oil Massage  
Relaxing Full Body Massage 1hr £40.00
Back & Head Massage 30mins £30.00
Back & Leg Massage 40mins £35.00

All prices include VAT

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